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About the Academic Society

The Academic Society, AF, is a big non-profit organization founded in year 1830. The purpose of the society is to unite students, teachers and university officials at Lund University. The activities at the Academic Society are therefore very diverse and are present in many different parts of Lund’s student life. A membership in Studentlund includes an automatic membership in AF. People who aren’t students are welcome to join as support members. Please contact the secretary of AF, Ann at or pay Studentinfo, an information desk in the foyer of the AF building, a visit.

AF is comprised of 13 committees, which engage in everything from TV and radio to poetry and theatre. The majority of the operations of AF’s committees take place in the AF building in the middle of Lundagård. In addition to these, there are some twenty so called recognised student associations. These are independent associations which functions in a similar way to the committees and form a huge range of activities, from diversity work and politics to spex and extreme sports.
AF also has a project fund which gives financial support to new initiatives in Lund’s student life.


You become a member of the Academic Society by joining Studentlund. Membership provides, among other things:

  • Free entrance to Studentafton events
  • Discounts in Café Athen
  • Discounts on stage productions
  • Housing opportunities through AF Bostäder
  • Stipends and scholarships
  • Opportunities to join a plethora of student activities

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The Academic Society and its affiliate organizations offer a wide range of activities for members to take an active interest in. These include everything from TV and radio broadcasting to politics, sports and charities.

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